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If you have a change in income or family composition, it’s important to report the change to OHA within 10 days.   These changes can affect the rent that you pay as well as the unit size that you qualify for.   To report your changes, complete the “Interim Change” Form that can be found below along with the form that applies to your change. All verification forms must be filled out and returned by employer, agency, etc. to the Housing Authority using mail or fax or you may choose to schedule an appointment with your caseworker to make your changes

Child Care Verification

Employment Verification

Self-Employment Verification

Termination of Employment

Contribution Certification

Request for Reasonable Accommodation

Request to Add a Household Member

Hearing Request Form


Below are additional resource links:

Portable Request to Transfer

Payment Standards

Section 8 Apartment and Single Family Homes

Housing Choice Voucher Income Limits

Rent Increase Request Form

Section 8 Utility Allowance Single-Family

Section 8 Utility Allowance Multi-Family