Housing Choice Voucher

(Formerly known as SECTION 8)

This program assists participants in affording housing in all types of private housing. This Agency provides housing assistance for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Applicants who are eligible will be issued a Voucher of Participation. Voucher holders are not obligated to move and may remain in their current dwellings if the unit is acceptable under the program. When the applicant locates a unit, a Request for Tenancy Approval must be submitted. 

The unit is inspected by the Agency to assure it meets housing, health and fire safety regulations.  The applicant and the owner sign the Lease Agreement. The owner and the Agency signs a Housing Assistance Payment Contract that the Agency agrees to pay directly to the owner the difference between the contract rent for the housing unit and the amount the tenant will pay to the owner based on income and family composition.

A family’s assistance under the voucher program is based on the difference between the payment standard and the highest of 30% of monthly-adjusted income, 10% of monthly income or the established minimum rent of $50.  A family cannot pay more than 40% of its monthly-adjusted income for rent. The family also may pay less if it finds a unit where the actual rent is less than the payment standard.


The payment standard for the Housing Choice Voucher Program is calculated based on 100% of the published FMR (Fair Market Rents).